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Whether a message or a post, Facebook will not allow you to post your link. Many have brushed it off, thinking it is a minor error, this is not the right reaction. If you have seen the message that “The link contains blocked content or it is reported spammy by others” and it is in error, you are one of the hundreds of websites that were blocked by Facebook. Follow these steps to unblock your website URL blocked by Facebook

At first,
You might try running your website through the Facebook Debugger:


This tool was built to help to identify any errors that Facebook is reading from your website, and help provide information on what needs to be fixed to unblock your link.

From there, you can get help from your developers team or from the Facebook Developers team to make your website compliant and help our systems detect it as safe. Click the link below and select “Get Started” to open a support ticket with the Facebook Developers team (this option may not be available for all websites):


Write to Facebook and appeal the blocked links to your website. Write to facebook to appeal here. The information you will need is pictured in the image to the right.

Scan Your Website:

Wait a few days for Facebook’s response. If your site is still blocked then you should scan your website link on the Antivirus companies websites. Try these links to scan your sites for free:

Trend Micro Site Safety Centre
McAfee SiteAdvisorSucuri Sitecheck

VirusTotal : Analyze suspicious files and URLs to detect types of malware including viruses, worms, and trojans.

Sucuri: Sucuri SiteCheck is a free & remote scanner. Although we do our best to provide the best results.


Webinspector: Scanning your website for malware is simple using Comodo Web Inspector. Just visit https://app.webinspector.com/, copy/paste your website’s url and click “Start the Scan.” Your website security scan report will be available within minutes.

If your site is marked safe : write to Facebook again to claim that they have mistakenly blocked the link by clicking here. Remember that writing only once will not provoke a response to Facebook. So write 3-4 times a day until they unblock it.

If your site is marked dangerous : then make corrections. Find out if your site contains any malicious links or codes and then clean them up. Then request for the antivirus company that has blacklisted you to reclassify your site.

Use a URL Shortener

Another option for addressing having a blocked URL on Facebook is to use a URL shortener. Facebook blocks most URLs that have been run through programs such as these, but there are a few that have had some degree of success with regards to getting past the ban. The main one that is used is the Google Shortener, which can be found here. When attempting this method, it is best to be careful about the number of times a shortened URL is posted because, in many cases, posting a URL an excessive number of times is what caused the URL to be banned in the first place. Posting a limited number times and seeing if the URL is still blocked is advisable.

Change Your Domain Name

This method of action if a URL is blocked on Facebook may seem to be slightly extreme, but it is the most effective way of resolving the issue if Facebook has done nothing. Before using this method, it is best to give Facebook at least a month to act. If you have not received a message from Facebook regarding the matter, or if the URL has not been unblocked within this time, other options should be sought. It is possible for you to purchase a new domain name. Transfer all of the content from your site so that it is under the new domain name. Once this has been completed, all of the links that used to be directed to the original URL can now be redirected to the new URL.

Having a URL blocked on Facebook is often simply a waiting game. It is up to Facebook to determine whether or not the URL is worth reinstating and sometimes that decision-making process takes an extended period of time. Because there are not a lot of reliable ways to bypass the block, it is best to appeal to Facebook and draw as much attention to the problem as possible. In extreme cases, purchasing a new URL and having it be the redirect to all of the old links might be the best option.

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